Damn, this sucks. I don't really have this page yet. Sorry about that.

But at least I already started collecting my presentations from past conferences and meetups; I found 14 of them that I'll publish here soon. Until then, I added just the two that have their slides hosted on GitLab already. Use the space bar to advance the slides, not the arrow keys.

Public By Default: How Overcommunicating is the Secret to a Happier Life

The typical corporate culture is built on top of constructing the most 'efficient' and 'synergetic' communication channels between silos. Sync and catch-up meetings, games of telephone, misunderstandings leading to resentful blaming… well, to heck with all that! I'll be making the case for religious oversharing and acting like consenting adults instead, which I believe to be the (public) secret to getting things done as a company.

Better Developer Experience via Building for Slack

The Platform team at Kiwi.com has the mission to help our engineers create ‘better software, faster,’ and building custom tooling on top of Slack provides lots of opportunities for quick developer productivity wins. Better yet, turns out we’re doing a fairly nice job at building them! What could be better then, than to come tell the world about all we learned so far?

I’ll talk about how you can identify what tools you can create, which ones you should actually create, and how to actually design that app so that it elegantly solves your problem and gets adopted by your team.