Who am I?

I'd be Bence Nagy – and oh my, what a great question! A software engineer who'd love to think he's good at design, too. I quit high school halfway through my senior year (back in 2013) to go work as an engineer at Allmyles, while I got my high school diploma on my own. My responsibilities at Allmyles crept up on me so much that I became the technical lead there. In August 2015, I relocated to the Czech Republic to go work on Kiwi.com's backend. I mainly use Python, but I'm always eager to experiment with the latest craze amongst hackers.

Who am I, really?

An avid gamer, for the most part, under the alias 'underyx'. Most of the time I play Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Team Fortress 2 — all of which I'm horrible at, even after thousands of hours spent on them over the years (and weirdly enough, that didn't stop me from dabbling in playing competitively for a bit over a year). When I'm not busy with those games, I love checking out the latest indie/artsy games out there; I'm a huge advocate for both games being viewed as a form of art, and competitive gaming being viewed as a sport.

A photo of me, Underyx!
Oh, look, that's a photo of me!
On the Internet!
The cover of the album 'xx' (2009)
And this is what I use as an avatar online.
Stolen shamelessly from The xx , whom I happen to adore.