Yeah, hello there! Introductions are difficult, so… let’s get this over with :D

I’m Bence Nagy. I usually go by ‘underyx’ online. I currently lead a team of truly amazing software engineers at Kiwi.com. We’re responsible for the software platform of the company; our mission is to help our engineers make better software, faster.

I got to this point through some… yeah, versatile engineering work at tech startups. My work was mostly centered around Python development, but I was fulfilling responsibilities in other fields, such as big data and operations.

I keep getting lost in trying new things. But a couple interests that have stayed with me for a longer time are rationality, video games, and design.

And finally, I have a request for you, dear reader: please contact me with whatever problem you’re facing right now. Even if you think I cannot help with it. The harder, the better. Seriously. Thanks!